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The fabric cover on the board is pre-washed and machine-sewn. It is a cotton gingham check fabric on one side and a cotton calico  fabric on the other side. When you have used it, you should be able to throw it in the wash, press it, and have a crisp, clean surface for your next project.


I chose gingham check for one side of the fabric cover so I could measure anything or work on a grid if I choose to do that. The solid calico side is for the times I don't want to do that.


For the bottom of the board, I have used a super-soft, polyester-suede fabric. The bottom of the board is sturdy, rigid board that won't bend or break. The poly-suede fabric is soft against my skin if the board is on my lap, but I usually use the board propped against a table or desk edge or on an easel, and in doing so the poly-suede bottom keeps the board from sliding. Still, when the board is laid down flat on a hard surface, the poly-suede fabric grips the surface.


The cover is secured around the board with an elastic band that can be adjusted, if needed, with a toggle stopper.


Diameter: 16 inches


$10 oversize shipping

Any Angle Macrame Board

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