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This Tex 210 Anefil polyester cord is the best cord by far for making any kind of micro-macrame of work or any kind of  work that calls for high quality cord such as kumihimo, bead weaving, string art, or textile-type sewing. It is a high-tensile, bonded, twisted, multi-filament cord that is pressure dyed and colorfast. It is superior to nylon cord for UV resistance, and when compared to C-lon nylon cord it is crisper, has a higher sheen, and is abrasion resistant so it does not break down when knotting like C-lon tends to do. It is slightly smaller in diameter than C-lon also, so it allows for use with smaller-hole beads down to size 15 seed beads. Spools are 1,000 yards, so this is a great value at $25. Available in 20 colors.

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