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I invented the Any Angle Macrame Board to make it easier to do your work.

I began the process of creating my work boards when I couldn't find a  board that suited my needs -- primarily working at different angles without having to unpin and reposition my work.


The existing pressed cardboard, rectangular macramé boards didn't work well for turning my work, and the softer foam boards didn't allow me to securely pin my work down. So, I decided to make my own board to cover these two needs.


As I designed and put my board together, I discovered that in addition to allowing for working at any angle, I also wanted a board with a firm, sturdy, and stable inner core that would not break down over time and also allow pins to glide in and out easily.


Once I was done making my board, I realized how nice it would be to have a removable fabric cover that I could wash and press for my next project. Oils from our hands, wax, and even dyes from some types of fiber or cord can be left behind on your board after working. The removable, washable fabric cover takes care of this problem.