Collier de chien with spiny oyster 20 x 40mm teardrop cabochon. Beads on chain are 6mm blue-green turquoise with milk chocolate metallic duracoat seed beads. Beads around cabochon are cherry-brown crystal and mint alabaster Swarovski crystal. Black polyester fiber throughout. Silver hook-and-eye clasp with green crystal extender chain. Cabochon is attached to beads so you can slide it to where you want it.


Spiny oyster is a deep water shell known for its colors that range from orange to purple to red. Spiny oyster shell is highly valued for use in art and jewelry pieces, and it is getting harder and harder to find. This teardrop cabochon has pretty brown and orange colors.

Necklace length: 16 inches, adjustable to 18 inches with two-inch extender chain.

Spiny Oyster and Turquoise Collier de Chien