Statement necklace made from five 20 x 30mm oval and one 32mm round high-quality sodalite cabochons. Chain is made from 6mm sodalite beads interspersed with navy metallic seed beads. Beads around cabochon are navy metallic crystal. Sapphire polyester fiber throughout. Silver hook-and-eye clasp with crystal extender chain. Back of piece is finished with ultrasuede.


Sodalite is a rare, rock-forming mineral best known for its blue-violet color. High quality sodalite is used as gemstones and in sculpture.


Necklace length: 17 inches, adjustable up to 19 inches with two-inch extender chain. In photo of mannequin with sweater, the necklace is using three links of the extender chain.

Sodalite statement necklace SOLD