Collier de chien with high quality Peruvian chrysocolla 30 x 40 mm oval cabochon. Beads on chain are 6mm Amazonite interspersed with metallic blue seed beads. Beads around cabochon are aqua-blue milky crystal. Navy polyester fiber throughout. Silver hook-and-eye clasp with crystal extender chain. Cabochon is attached to beads so you can slide it to where you want it.


Peruvian chrysocolla is preferred over other chrysocollas found in the United States and Russia because it does not require any ehnhancements or treatments such as stabalization (the addition of epoxy resins for example). It can therefore be known as a completely natural stone. Colors in Peruvian chrysocolla can be light blue to dark blue to green. All three colors can be seen in this cabochon, which pairs nicely with Amazonite beads.


Necklace length: 16 inches, adjustable to 18 inches with extender chain.

Peruvian Chrysocolla collier de chien SOLD