Statement necklace made from one lemon chrysoprase 30 x 40mm oval cabochon and one lemon chrysoprase 30mm round cabochon. Chain is made from 6mm smokey quartz beads interspersed with green-picasso seed beads. Beads around cabochon are copper-colored crystal. Black polyester fiber throughout, except for center noodle which is waxed polyester. Black hook-and-eye clasp with crystal extender chain. Back of piece is finished with ultrasuede.


What a beautiful and interesting gem. Though known as a chrysoprase, this gemstone is actually a type of magnesite found in western Australia. Becasue of its gorgeous and unusual yellow-green color with brown viens, it is becoming a sought-after gem. It reminds me of a green/brown turquoise. It also plays tricks on my camera, perhaps because it has a certain flourescence to it.


Necklace length:16 inches, adjustable up to 18 inches with extender chain. In photo of mannequin with sweater, the necklace is using one link of the extender chain.

Lemon chrysoprase statement necklace