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Bracelet made with one 30mm chrysoprase cabochon and eight 4mm chrysoprase beads. Black polyester cord throughout. Buckle closure, which makes the bracelet adjustable.


Chrysoprase is a much sought-after gem for its lovely mint-green color, and it is one of the rarest and most valuable chalcedony quartz gemstones. Chrysoprase color can range from light green to deep green, but once the green is too deep, it becomes "prase," which is not desirable. Minty, translucent colors are most sought-after, which is what you see in this collar necklace. Beware of dyed green agate, which is sometimes falsely identified as chrysoprase. Once you see the real thing, however, you will be able to instantly tell the difference.


Bracelet length: 9 inches


Bracelet width: 2 inches

Chrysoprase bracelet

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